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Minutemen refuse to leave private property


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La Raza - The real agenda!
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I just received this via email. I can’t guarantee it’s authenticity, though it came to from a very reliable source. It shook me up enough that I wanted to share it with all of you. Here it is:

“Please dont send my address. Important to read this warning about La Raza:

Please read this important warning to America. Note, I am La Raza (NCLR ) no more. I am here to warn you wonderful citizens of the United States of America. In order to protect my identity from the board members I can only warn you in broad terms.

La Razas mission is something I now understand is not fair and that no country on Earth should be forced to accept a policy as our ( but no longer mine ). I will still “appear” to be an active member here, but I will only observe from now on.

Why am I speaking out now ? Its simple, I am a good person and the United States has done so many positive things for my country that I fee l I need to repay because in my heart I am an American. Also, Yes, Im a legal immigrant. I cant say more about myself.

La Raza ( NCLR ) plans are simple yet complex. What is La Razas plans:

1- Study the Rallies of the US African Americans and reproduce it to serve them.
2- Get involved and tied to African American groups to get African American support.
3- Develop statistics that are not true, but, through their design are used as propaganda to sway Americans that this a good deal for Americans. Like citing under estimates of the numbers of immigrants in America and defending the policy of those immigrants who children are born in America getting US Citizenship.
4- Push “special programs” to target and help Hispanics
5- Push corporations to develop programs for Hispanics. Not “Americans”, just “Hispanics” and obtain funding from corporations to support NCLR.
6- Advise “ illegal immigrants” a variety of issues helping them in the United States. This includes ways to stay in Am erica even if they entered illegally. They do not believe that this should be illegal. That is their policy.
7- Advise immigrants( legal and illegal ) in how to pull at the heart strings of Americans ( wearing white T-Shirts, holding American flags , Telling of “Sad Stories” to draw in Americans and other methods of propaganda )
8- Gain Amnesty, by as many of their immigrant countrymen as possible. They want as many of their countrymen involved in American politics and in rallies to scare or force their will onto the American people.
9- Encourage the belief that much of the West coast of the United States in really “Mexican Property”( States like California , Arizona and others ) to keep them in the rallies in front of American TV’s spirited. Making them feel they are doing a great war to reclaim Mexican land.
10- Change the political structure and laws by bringing in millions of their countrymen into the American political system over ti me. Then working through th em to change American policy and immigration policy to open up American borders.
11- Pressure American corporations to support them, by “secret deals” for financial rewards to the corporation by millions of their “people” buying their product..
12- Attack opposition “Anti Illegal Immigration” organizations as “Racist” even though they know a vast majority are really not Racist. They know the simply saying this puts a group into full time efforts to defend themselves and disorganizes their supporters. They have studied this in their studies of African American rallies.
13- Continue to gain Financial support from Mexico, and America while Anti Illegal Immigrant groups have to self fund their efforts for the most part.

Most Americans probably don’t know that La Raza NCLR, now a tax-exempt organization and since 1968 and has been working hard since then to increase the numbers of Hispanics in America. If you look at immigration studies wil l see the exponential incr eases in immigration since this organization was founded.

Stopping these 12-20 million immigrants from getting amnesty would take back 20 years of their efforts to control sections of America and future immigration policy. They know this and will do what ever it takes to stop America from doing this.
And their main goal. This is to keep as many of the up to 12-20 million illegal immigrants as well as their relatives later, in America. They know or believe that:
1- Americans are generally kind and open to helping others.
2- Many Americans are lazy about political issues and that most don’t even vote.
3- Americans do not have a good history of supporting large scale efforts defending America ( Like Military Actions and Anti Illegal Immigration programs )
4- They already have many in Congress who are trying to support ways and loop holes to keep as many immigrants in the country as possible.
5- Free groups like the ACLU and oth er organizations happily and freely assist illegal immigrants and their issues.
6- That once they are able to get these 12-20 million immigrants, within a few years they will be eligible to bring in even more millions of relatives. More numbers, more votes, more chance to open the border.
7- They know that the relatives of these illegal immigrants, brought in, will far exceed the numbers of immigrants getting amnesty already in America. Their numbers will balloon.
8- They know they only have to sway some and that when their countrymen get “amnesty” they will have succeeded in their “open up the border” plans in the future. By then it will be too late for America to say anything and powerless to stop it.
9- That since the American Congress is borderline on immigration policy anyway, that implanting millions and millions of their countrymen into American politics, Political positions and Government that the scales will tilt overwhelmingly in favor of La Raza and their people, probably forever .

I have said as much as I could without exposing myself to the board and planning committee members of the group. I hand this off to you to warn your people, now, my people as I am a legal immigrant now.

You should pass this on to your organizations who are defending your country, my country. If you do not stop La Raza ( NCLR), they will surly change the United States as you know it over the course of a few years. I am American……
Good Luck”

Lets all hope that this apparent “crack” in LaRaza opens up even more…..

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