Sunday, January 14, 2007

'HATE' HOST IS HACKED - Hal Turner's site under 'attack'

Monday, January 08, 2007

Hal Turner's site under 'attack'

A band of Internet hackers have crashed the Web site of North Bergen white supremacist Hal Turner and blocked his Internet radio broadcasts.

Automated programs - set up by a group of people identifying themselves as "/b/tards" - have sent an avalanche of Internet traffic to Turner's Web site, overloading the Web server. The tactic is known as a "denial of service" attack.

An anonymous message posted Wednesday afternoon on Turner's site read: "We're all just using our free time to attack your site - losing no money and having lots of fun bothering a person selected randomly off the Internet."

The poster claims the attacks aren't associated with the aggressively racist content of Turner's programs: "The invasion has and always will be for the laughs. We don't care about the content - we just need something to fill all the spare time we have."

But several other white supremacist Web sites, including the widely used Web forum Stormfront, also have experienced similar attacks recently.

Turner, a native of Jersey City, still posts on what he calls a "highly content-restricted" blog at, where he has railed against the hackers and exchanged barbs with them. On Dec. 31, he wrote, "I am, as of now, DEFEATED. My entire existence on the Internet has been utterly wrecked."

But then on Thursday, Turner posted a message claiming his main site was running again and that he had blocked subscribers to Internet providers AT&T and Verizon from his Web site in an effort to prevent more attacks.

As of last night, however, Turner's site - - was still unavailable.

Turner, whose short-wave radio show broadcasting from a Maine radio station ended in 2004, regularly rails against minorities, immigrants and homosexuals. He has advocated violence against these groups and has been profiled by anti-racist watchdogs such as the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Government officials are also a favored target - recently Turner advocated the assassination of any member of Congress who supports amnesty for illegal immigrants.

He made headlines this summer after hiring a plane to fly a message with an anti-Mexican slur over a pro-immigrant march in Liberty State Park.

That same incident prompted former Jersey City Deputy Mayor Jaime Vazquez to protest in front of Turner's home. When Turner confronted Vazquez, each accused the other of simple assault, but a judge dismissed the charges against each.

Source: NJ

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