Tuesday, March 27, 2007

San Diego Minuteman Charged In Assault On Laborers

SAN DIEGO -- Nine misdemeanor criminal charges were filed Monday against a member of the San Diego Minutemen, City Attorney Michael Aguirre announced.

John Matthew Monti, 36, is accused of four counts of battery and four counts of interfering with the civil rights of day laborers, as well as one count of falsifying a crime report with the San Diego Police Department.

The charges stem from an incident last Nov. 18 in Rancho Penasquitos.

The city attorney alleges that Monti began taking photographs of the workers, calling them, "dirty Mexicans." Monti then allegedly punched Estanislao Gonzales, a disabled man who attempted to walk away from him, Aguirre said.

Another day laborer, Roberto Pena, tried to help Gonzales and was also assaulted by Monti, according to Aguirre.

After the incident, Monti contacted police and claimed he was robbed and assaulted by as many as eight migrant workers, Aguirre said.

Monti is due to appear in court on April 13.

Monti lives outside San Diego County.



Anonymous said...

so what is the court date,division,time and location of this minuteman? If you read the paper why is he allowed to teach immigrant kids if he is a self avowed minuteman? remember the cointel program or the now disbanded lapd's public disordr and intelligence division of the 80'S ? I he playing immigrant agent in the classroom? Gathering informantion on kids? their parents immigration status or spying on fellow teachers?

Anonymous said...

What was the outcome of this case?