Monday, April 30, 2007

Tancredo support in N.H. shifts by 50 percent!

But in the wrong direction.

The latest Zogby Poll for likely Republican New Hampshire primary voters has seen Tom Tancredo's support drop by 50 percent in the last three months: from a meager 2% in January to a humiliating last-place finish of 1% in April.

At this rate, Tancredo will soon be in negative numbers.

Tancredo trails Huckabee, Paul, Hunter: every last one of 'em. And that's with Pat Buchanan's sister Bay feverishly working on Tom's behalf, trying to re-create some of that 1992 Pat Buchanan "culture war" magic.

Heck, non-candidate Fred Thompson - whose only claim to fame since 2002 is that he plays a fine, baritone-voiced prosecutor on "CSI" - has six times Tancredo's support.

Sorry, all you Tancredo supporters out there who so feverishly email me, assuring me that Tancredo is going to roll to victory in 2008. Ain't gonna happen. Save your money.


What I don't understand is how the anti-Hispanic crowd can continue to tell us that 95% of Americans are in support of Tom Tancredo when he only has 1% of the vote and is in last place. Hrmmm... Go figure..


Anonymous said...

Have you ever been to New Hampshire before Nathan? I'll be participating in the parade in Manchester on July 4th and I'll tell Tom of the BS that you've been saying about him.

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