Wednesday, May 02, 2007

KKK ads attached to morning paper

04/30/2007 07:34 AM
By: News 14 Carolina Web Staff

GREENSBORO -- Neighbors in the Beechcroft neighborhood off of Stanley Road in Greensboro got what they call a rude awakening Sunday morning.

At the foot of almost every driveway was a flier from the Ku Klux Klan, advertising an upcoming immigration protest taking place in cities around the U.S. The leaflet was wrapped around a section of the Rhinoceros Times, and the paper's publisher is taking issue with how the Klan is getting its message out.

The KKK flier was found wrapped around a section of the Rhino Times.
“Some people think that it's something that we allow to be inserted in our paper, and we would never knowingly do any business with the Klan,” William Hammer said. “We have stricter advertising regulations than the daily paper and I believe any paper in the market.”

This isn't the first time the rhinoceros times has had a run in with the KKK. In September, Hammer filed a lawsuit against the Klan for using his newspaper to spread its information.

“Our goal is to have a precedent set that the Klan cannot do this to any publication and we would like to stop it nationally, but we'd also like to find out who's doing it locally,” he said.

A judge threw out a counter-suit filed by the Klan in Arkansas earlier this month. News 14 Carolina tried to reach the KKK at its national office but was unsuccessful.


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Probably need to check their delivery drivers for KKK membership.