Saturday, November 17, 2007

Prosecutors charge white supremacist with murder, assault

Associated Press

ARDMORE, Okla. - First-degree murder charges are being filed against a man in Ardmore who police say is a white supremacist and killed a fellow gang member.

Darrell Madden is charged with murder in the shooting death of Bradley Qualls and he faces five counts of assault and battery for trying to steal a car at gunpoint in an effort to escape.

Police Lieutenant Eric Hamblin says both Madden and Qualls were members of the United Aryan Brotherhood which recruits many of its members in prison. Both Madden and Qualls were recently released from prison.

Qualls was found shot to death last Wednesday afternoon and Madden was shot by a police officer and arrested a short time later while allegedly trying to carjack motorists at gunpoint.

Hamblin says police believe Qualls and Madden may have been involved in a homicide that began in Oklahoma City but he declined to provide details.

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Source: KFOR

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