Saturday, December 22, 2007

Save Our State Member Arrested for Terrorism

From the Save Our State forums:

Save Our State Member arrested for “domestic terrorism.” Home raided yesterday. Computer confiscated. Rifles confiscated. Today arrest warrant was issued for weapons charges. The weapons were LEGAL. Rifles purchased at a public sports shop LEGALLY.

This all started with a post on the Save Our State forum. SOS site is apparently “monitored.”

Our member is stating “political prisoner.” Attorney stating bogus charges.

For now name will remain anonymous. Arraignment on Wednesday. We need donations ASAP for member’s defense fund.

Please note that the above quote originated from Save Our State, a known hate site that targets anyone with brown skin. The items stated in the above quote regarding the legality of the weapons should not be taken as factual until there is further information.

Update from

A long time good member of Save Our State (Mr. X) in L.A. County is being persecuted and we’re not sure why. His home was raided yesterday while he was at work and his computer and guns were taken. The copy of the search warrant left in his house said it was based on him being a “domestic terrorist” with no explanation.

He is a former Marine and has never broken the law in his life. Then he gets a call today from the local PD telling him he cannot fly home tonight for the holidays and to turn himself in to the local police. If he does try to fly home, he’ll be arrested at LAX. They told him to go to the police station tonight and he has an arraignment scheduled for Wednesday. Supposedly he will be charged with weapons violations even though his two guns are legal and registered.

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Anonymous said...

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Just to let you know, it was that family of illegals who attacked that elderly gentleman andhis party first you fuckin little tick turd.