Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Phoenix mayor receiving threats over SB 1070

Fox 11

Posted on May 26, 2010 at 4:27 PM

Death threats have forced Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon to increase his security detail. The mayor is under round-the-clock surveillance.

He's been vocal about his stance against Arizona's Senate Bill 1070. And he's received some 5,000 threats. Police say one threat claimed Gordon would be killed by sniper fire.

The mayor says he did not request the extra security and is following police department orders.

Source: Fox 11 AZ

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"In fact, the majority of us believe [the Arizona law] will actually cause crime to increase," said Chris Burbank, the police chief of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Eric Holder ( Secretary Department of Justice ) said "there would be a decision coming soon on some of the federal issues associated with this," said John Harris, police chief for Sahuarita, Arizona.

"Any resources at this point are going to be useful," noted Tucson, Arizona, Police Chief Roberto Villasenor. "But I don't want to just treat the symptoms of the problem."

"Arizona sheriffs are elected officials and that changes your perspective," noted Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey.

AssociatedPress — May 26, 2010 — After meeting with Attorney General Eric Holder, police chiefs from across Arizona spoke about their opposition to a new law that requires officers to question people who could be illegal immigrants. (May 26)

Ariz. Police Chiefs Decry Immigration Checks

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Police Chiefs Express Concern Over Arizona Immigration Law

ksltube — May 26, 2010 — Salt Lake City's police chief was in Washington, D.C. Wednesday morning to discuss his concerns about Arizona's immigration law.

Salt Lake City police chief pleased with DC immigration meet

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