Sunday, March 22, 2009

Toughest Sheriff in America Treats Inmates Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Maricopa County Jail

The Maricopa County Jail ls the worst jail facility in the Country, which was deemed condemned and unclean, where inmates are starved and neglected.

Getting Medical treatment is often impossible and when a Life Threatening Medical Emergency arises, The Detention Officers often ignore any plead for help from inmates, justifying in their own mind that the "Inmate shouldn't have come to jail." This isn't
a prison, it's a county jail, which means the inmates there are
INNOCENT people who have not yet gone to trial. In fact, only a very small percentage of the inmates there have been convicted and sentenced, which is about 20% and they are housed outside in the smoldering desert heat in tents that have no air and it reaches temperatures in the triple digits. Please be aware, that this small percentage of convicted inmates are serving time for a "MISDEMEANOR" charge, usually traffic violations, driving on a suspended license, failure to pay a fine, failure to appear in court, or trespassing, dog unleashed, littering, or jay-walking, simple misdemeanor charges, meaning petty... non-violent and non dangerous.

Nothing that the people in the community should find threatening. those types of crimes are classified as felonies and therefore have to be served in the State Prison Correctional Facility, NOT in the County Jail. Keep in mind that the county jail is for people awaiting their trial. The State Prison is for convicted felons.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio thinks it is okay to treat non-convicted, un-sentenced, detainees as if they have been found guilty. You will see no difference in the way he treats those who have been convicted of a crime and those who have not. I do not condone the abusive treatment of any inmate, convicted or not... Guilty or Not Guilty,... But I don't think it is fair, nor right that a persons rights can be violated as harshly as they are by the Maricopa County Jail systems employees, without any regard to the person whatsoever. For one thing... deprivation is on a grand scale here in the facility where inmates are denied decent healthy food, and are fed only twice a day, once at 9am and not again until 8pm at night... that is a long time to go without anything to eat, especially for the pregnant inmates and the food that is served in the morning is often spoiled.

The inmates are denied health care on a very high level... and if an inmate has a seizure or a life threatening injury, something that requires immediatemedical attention, it is most likely that the inmate will die first before they get it.

Unfortunate is the praise for the Maricopa County Jail system that the sheriff administers.


If it's one thing the Detentions Officer's (D.O's) enjoy, is power. They are all on Power Trips, and just because they can, they will often write up an inmate and send them to the hole for 30 days just for getting up off of their bunk and going to use the restroom. If the inmate tries to challenge this, it often results in the inmate getting tasered and taken down by a mob of over zealous Detention Officer's bored on their shift and will jumpat the chance for some action. The inmate is just trying to explain their reason for being up (i.e, had diarrheal, needed a tampax,) but that is viewed as confrontational and the D.O's will even come down on them harder, and yell out "Stop Resisting!" when in-fact the inmate is doing no such thing... but the D.O's will make it appear that they are and very roughly bend their arms WAY up behind their back, and drag them around by their elbows, the pain is excruciating but they won't stop, despite the inmates pleas, all the yelling and screaming out in pain by the inmate will be made to look like resisting and fighting by the Detention Officer. Several Inmates have Died in this Jail for no good reason at all. Would you want your kid in this jail? even if they were Guilty? A Misdemeanor is not that serious and does not constitute such harsh , inhumane treatment by these over zealous power tripped wannabe sheriff deputy Detention Officers.

Detention Officers

Joe Arpaio's detention officers saw a mentally challenged 19 yr old boy as such a threat, they strapped him into a medieval restraint chair and broke his neck. Detention officers at the Madison Street Jail pulled a hood over his head and slammed him into this medieval-looking restraint chair and left him there to die. Also no other inmates, even an inmate who witnessed this brutality made an attempt to contact any of the other detention officers, MCSO said. But of course that's not an inmates job or responsibility to supervise the D.O's, it is the D.O's job and responsibility to supervise the inmates, not hand out justice as they see fit, and certainly not to kill them.

Arpaio began to serve inmates surplus food (mainly outdated and oxidized green bologna) and limited meals to twice daily. He serves the inmates surplus food like green bologna and limits meals to twice a day and thinks its okay, he tells them , "You shouldn't have come to jail." It seems to me that the current system of housing inmates does not give them the least bit chance to turn their life around, that is , IF they are guilty of anything. Arpaio has been housing inmates in tents for years...He started chain gangs so the inmates could do free work for him on county and city projects. He created chain gangs, so the inmates could work on these projects at no cost to the taxpayers. Arpaio believes that inmates should be treated as harshly as legally possible to emphasize the punishment aspect of their incarceration. One of them is to draw state or city legislative districts around large prisons and pretend that the inmates are legitimate constituents. It's despicable, the praise he receives for the Maricopa County jail system and the treatment that they administer. Especially if you are counting on these inmates to police themselves by telling the guards, when they will just be beaten later for snitching. Seriously, the guy has let over 60 inmates die on his watch, not from riots or violence but from treatable health conditions. What next, a girl who was a "diabetic" but ignored for 36 hours without any food, who's blood sugar goes up sky high and she dies too! or who isn't fed but just twice a day at 12 hour intervals. Eating only twice a day will drop your insulin level down, very low and you can die.

In the past the jail had to send away inmates due to overcrowding, but Joe came up with a solution, just pile them up outside in the tents. The County Jail wouldn't BE so crowded if law enforcement weren't so petty and arresting people for the smallest and pettiest of things, like walking your dog without a leash, YES , you cango to jail for that. And not just a couple of days, try a couple of months! Detention Officers at the Madison Street Jail and Guards at the Estrella Jail do not hesitate to abuse inmates physically or verbally. They even enjoy doing it. Why? because there are no repercussions for doing so... they can even get away with murder.

Inmates are constantly being deprived of humane treatment, food, necessities, but also "The failure to transport inmates to their court dates." this dramatically affects the timely resolution of criminal cases and deprives victims of their rights to a speedy trial, making them sit in jail longer, to further endure more massively abusive and neglectful treatment. It's a win-win situation: his toadies get their power and money while executing the most horrific of horrific treatment, while Arpaio gets the exposure that he so craves, the media photo ops and news coverage, where he likes to act tough and show off his bully tactics. He forces inmates to live in deplorable, inhumane conditions and brags about it on TV. But, his denial of even the most basic medical care to inmate at his jail is really inhumane. People are dying here people... Even innocent ones, Wake Up. Many inmates, including those claiming innocence, have actually signed plea bargains just to be transferred to the prison system where at least the treatment and conditions were tolerable, and where they can at least be fed and not be hungry all the time. Eating only twice a day will drop your insulin level down, very low and you can die. He's had more prisoners, men and women and even pregnant women, die on his watch. But, for now I want to speak for the family members and friends of inmates in this jail, convicted or not.

Most people are also not aware that the majority of jail inmates have never been convicted of anything. You can label the inmates at tent city as criminals but most of the people there are not hardened criminals. It shouldn't matter whether the inmate is guilty or not, the fact of the matter is no one should be denied medical attention and food- any human beings basic needs. They are, after all, responsible for all inmates' well being and health care and some that die there in that jail deserve life. He also doesn't allow the inmates to have salt, pepper, sugar or any other condiments. Total and Complete deprivation on a large if not grand scale.

Also, most people are not aware that the vast majority of inmates incarcerated today are mental ill. They need a hospital not a jail cell.

There is more to being Sheriff than serving county inmates green baloney on stale bread, expired milk and housing them in 115 degree weather, or if your lucky enough to be housed indoors you get to share the space with rats and roaches. I have seen where an inmate was suspected of having contraband, the inmate was placed into what is called a dry cell, one without a toilet. and without water.

Some are left there and simply forgotten about. And they become gravely ill. The Detention Officers where notified that an inmate was ill, but they did not respond to the other inmates request for immediate help. As the jail refuses to treat insect bites, other inmates sometimes help inmates squeeze out pus and salt the wounds.

Eat the same slop, sleep in the heat on a metal cot, take showers with all of the other inmates and do manual labor. The permanent states of hunger cause inmates to forage in trashcans and to inflict harm on each other over insignificant amounts of food. We're not saying that drunk drivers shouldn't go to jail, we're arguing over the horrible treatment of inmates. Sheriff Joe continually puts unsentenced inmates in jails deemed condemned by the state health board. I'd rather a few stupid college kids get in accidents than put thousands of essentially innocent people through a process like this.

The mob mentality of the Salem Witch Trials and the fun in public displays of vindictiveness are embodied in Arpio's constant self promotion. If Sheriff Joe's policy with inmates deters anyone who is not in jail from going to jail, then it is worth the effort. Bush appointee, ruled that the MCSO detention system violated legal standards of inmate treatment. Also, I think that those who died from abuse, deserve more respect than that, but I guess at least they are being buried.

TRUTH: Jails and prisons here in Arizona and all over the county feed surplus food that is spoiled rotten to inmates and have done so for many years. When the inmates complain, he tells them, "This isn't the Ritz/Carlton, You shouldn't have come to jail". The Sheriff said it wasn't his problem if the inmates refused to eat it. This one does Joe Arpaio one better, by not only serving bad food, but requiring inmates to pay for it or starve. He has jail meals down to 40 cents a serving and charges the inmates for them.

Inmates sit in processing tanks for hours unattended by the guards, where they can get beat up on by other inmates and not even get any help from the staff. From time-to-time the inmates may attempt to get an officer's attention by banging on the door or writing help on the fogged up glass. Whether or not the officer responds or even acknowledges them, is a different story.

If you think like Joe Arpaio and say, "Well, they shouldn't have gone to jail"... and you don't think you or someone you love and care about can ever get caught up in Maricopa County's black hole of injustice, think again. Like I warned, you can be taken to jail for simply not having your dog on a leash. And you will be treated with such severe cruelty, you will wish that no one you know or love will ever end up in that place.

As the saying commonly goes,

"Arizona... Come Here On Vacation, Leave On Probation."



I am an advocate for human decency and fair treatment no matter who you are. No Human being should ever have to endure such deplorable and harsh treatment by anyone and especially not while in custody of law officials. Sheriff Joe Arpaio hang your head in shame you ought to be brought into your own jail and prosecuted for your crimes against humanity.



Bear said...

Boo Hoo......If I were arrested, regardless of where it is in the country, I fully accept the fact that I will be held AGAINST my will in a city or county jail. If that city or county has a very high percentage of people breaking the law, thus waiting a trial, then I also fully expect the jail to be overcrowded.

cyregray said...

dude, did you read the article? issue isn't overcrowding, it's murder and abuse of people or aren't necessarily guilty of a crime.

Anonymous said...

Sigh, more whining from the arrogant, demanding Hispanics.

CarOlina GiRl said...

Quit crying...
If you go to jail because your dog's not on a leash, they are not going to murder're crazy and you're telling lies.
Yes, accidents happened here, yes the sheriff is rough but hey they shouldnt have gone to jail and we do have family members, at least i know i do, that are in iraq living in hotter weather and cots outside just like these people but they r doing it to help people, not to use tax payers money and do crimes. They fully deserve what they get because do u think when someone rapes a 10 yr old little girl or kills yur 5 yr old nephew/son that they were thinking anything? y should we care what happens to them? If you go to jail, u have done something not ethical and not legal therefore u deserve punishment instead of being let go because there are just too many idiots in the world. I wish Sheriff Joe would run for president...this world needs someone to tell u how it is and not sugar coat everything. But im pretty sure u probably dont believe in the soldiers fighting for our country or for the tax paying people to get their money back instead of giving it to people raping and killing kids, right. Get a life and a head sweetheart this is the real world and if u want to survive, well u gotta be the toughest and u gotta keep it real...which is what this sheriff is doing. If someone did come into yur home and raped ur daughter (if u had one or do or whatever) would you want to be paying for that a**hole to live day to day and not have to work himself? Theres at least two sides to every story and two ways of looking at things and i do not agree with how far certain things have gone but i also dont agree with what these criminals are doing to our innocent people.

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