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Save Our State Domestic Terrorist Still in Jail

Save Our State Member Still Jail For Unspecified Charges Since December 21st
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34 days in jail so far…

An open border anarchist reported a comment Randy posted on the SOS forum to the San Bernardino PD. Thanks to the Patriot Act, the authorities easily obtained a search warrant for “domestic terrorism.” They ransacked his home and confiscated two guns. Both guns were legal and registered. Nothing else was found.

I don’t want to thwart Randy’s legal defense in any way so I’m not going to repeat what it is he is alleged to have written on the message board. But I will tell you that it wasn’t anything more serious than we have all read on the Internet many times before. Some of you may have written something similar. You could be sitting in jail right now too.

Randy has given permission to release this information.

Randy Dees is a former Marine who served his country for many years. After his military service, he joined the patriotic movement. He joined Save Our State in 2006 after helping run the former group ‘Illegal Immigrant Protest’. He loves his country and has been active with SOS at rallies and on their website to fight ILLEGAL immigration in Southern California.

On Dec 20, 2007, Long Beach Police executed a search warrant on the home in Long Beach where he was renting a room from the owner. Police broke the front door down at 7am (no one was home; Randy had already left for work), ransacked the whole house, confiscated Randy’s computer and two legally registered firearms and magazines and then ripped the power box out so the power could not be turned back on. They also took many of his important files. The search warrant was for DOMESTIC TERRORISM! This search warrant was issued due to a remark regarding the ACLU on the SOS forum a few months earlier. The post was seen by one of our open borders enemies who complained about it to the San Bernardino Police Department.

Randy had plane tickets to fly out of LAX the next day, Friday Dec 21 to go home to North Carolina for the holidays. Although he was shaken by the unexpected raid on his residence, he had no fear that any crime had been committed. He consulted with an attorney Friday morning and then packed up for his trip home.

At about 3pm on the 21st, Long Beach Police called Randy to tell him a warrant had been issued for his arrest and that he needed to surrender to the Long Beach Police Station by midnight. They told him if he tried to get on his flight at 8pm, he would be arrested at LAX. Randy notified his lawyer and was told to turn himself in. Randy and a friend went to the police station at about 6pm to surrender to the still unknown charges. He was immediately booked and bail was set at $550,000.

Randy was transferred to county jail in Santa Clarita in late December and has been there ever since. He was brought back to Long Beach on Jan. 15th for a hearing and the judge told Randy he is facing 4 1/2 years in prison on still unspecified WEAPONS charges. Randy has another hearing in February. His situation is looking bleak and he has lost confidence in his lawyer.

We are currently working with Randy to see how we can help him. He can only have visitors on weekends. We’ll keep you updated on any changes or go to for updates.

In my opinion from following this situation for the past 5 weeks, this is another witch hunt from high on a Pro-American activist to try to scare other activists away from our anti-illegal immigration cause. Little do the high powers realize, these situations just push us harder to rid the growing corruption in our own government, at all levels. This appears to have all the makings of another Ramos & Compean case or a John Monti political persecution.


Semper Fidelis,

Jeff Schwilk, Founder

Source: ImmigrationWatchdog

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Openthinker said...

The Crazy Christie and Bikinni Schwilk are a complete embarrassment and liability to our political movement. These two cronies are a huge joke, and seem to enjoy causing legitament MMP activists problems. When you look into what these primadonnas are doing and saying, you find that they are NOT mainstream but very radical and border-line delusional.

Christies almost dead TruthBrigade forums are full of bizarre 'militia-like' issues and her forums are censored from anyone who posts any questioning of her or her staff's wacky illogical views. Her Internet radio show is a who's who of eerie wacko frindge guests and has Russ Dove as her co-host & radio sound-man. Christie's public appearances at activist's events have been greatly curtailed due to her personal fear of being attacked by 'unknown/covert' forces. When she does appear, she dresses in disguise. All of her websites heavily ask for donated funds from the public. Schwilk and Christie were a couple for some time that resulted in a messy violent break-up that generated many interesting & embarrassing Internet videos.

Schwilk's sagging credibility has been seriously compromised worse since his personal relationship problems with Ms. Christie and since some photos of him happily wearing several women's bathing suits were released to the public. Schwilk still appears in public at events, but as only a member of the listening crowd.

These people retard MMP progress to stop illegal alien immigration because the media and public often confuse us with these wackos. People in our MMP cause should be vigilant and before donating their money, actions, or loyalty; please research the leaders of any orgs to make sure naive citizen will not be duped by charlatans as Christie and Schwilk.

MMP is an 'open' federally registered and audited org. Christies' Truthbrigade and Schwilk's San Diego MinuteMen is neither.