Tuesday, January 01, 2008

White Supremacist Hal Turner's Website Hacked


Sadly, they did a lot of damage before they were stopped.

Here's what we know right now: The new content management system "PostNuke" for the new subscription web site had a major security vulnerability which was exploited. Once exploited, the hackers gained root access and changed the front page of my site boasting of thier efforts.

They used their exploit to copy all the user names and passwords from the PostNuke site. They next published all those user names and passwords at one of their hacker sites for all their hacker buddies to use. The page was published at cp.lulzhost.net.

Today they took the list down from the site above but I have a screenshot of the site to prove who did what.

Some of those hackers and their buddies are now using the passwords to access YOUR PERSONAL E-mail accounts at your personal ISP. In at least one case, the hackers sent a suicide note to everyone in the address book of one client, claiming to be that client! I strongly recommend you change your ISP e-mail account password if you used the same password for my site.

They next changed the root password on my server in an effort to lock me out of my own server, but I was already in. They detected my connections and started shutting them off in an effort to prevent me from fighting them. I managed to order the server to shut down before they could go farther.

So brazen were these hackers, they contacted the data center which houses my server, impersonated me and asked the data center to reboot my server!!!!! They even went so far as to login to the data center help desk to create a trouble-ticket asking for my server to be rebooted.

They didn't realize I was on the telephone with the data center when their false trouble ticket arrived at the help desk arrived.

The damage done is significant: All my web pages are gone. Seven years of archives of my radio shows are gone. All sites I host for others are gone.

The server has been fixed. The PostNuke Software is no longer installed so the security vulneraability is gone.

The attacks were planned on 7chan.org to "celebrate" the one year anniversary of their previous efforts. A screen shot of the 7chan web page on which this attack was orchestrated has been obtained by me. It has since been deleted from 7chan.org.

I am told they still intend to attack this site again tomorrow, January 1 to "rape" my bandwidth in an effort to force the site to go dark. Thankfully, I have an UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH package from my data center, so the effort to rape bandwidth will fail.

At this point, I must start all over again and frankly given the lack of interest in the subscription service, I doubt it is worth the effort.

Source: HalTurnerShow

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Looks whos talking Racist.