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ALIPAC: Two Dozen Strong!

By kyledeb on June 20, 2008 1:11 AM

William Gheen, President of ALIPAC, truly is the leader of a national movement. A movement of two dozen people that is.

It was May of 2008 when ALIPAC announced the launch of a North Carolina "campaign to thwart illegal aliens and their supporters". Soon after they bullied a local Charlotte newspaper columnist, Mary Schulken, for writing an article entitled "This Tide of Meanness has to Stop". All of it building up to a big rally to pressure North Carolina legislators to support a horrific "attrition through enforcement" agenda. Here's how the rally went:
Immigration Rally in Raleigh Draws Sparse Crowd

RALEIGH - About two dozen people gathered in Raleigh on Wednesday to encourage state lawmakers to do their part in supporting immigration enforcement measures and to make North Carolina a less-attractive state for illegal immigrants.

North Carolina legislators must be shaking in their boots.

Brittanicus, a retiree who therefore can "spend ample time getting [ALIPAC's] message out", offers an explanation for the poor showing in the comments:

Is it any wonder that legal residents or citizens, will not attract attention of radical organizations from third world countries, by protesting[?] In California your marked for death by gang members who are protected by 'Sanctuary laws' like Special Order 40.

Profiles in courage, anyone?

Let's contrast this fear of fictitious gang members, with what migrants and their supporters went through to march on May 1st of this year:

Migrants have survived the most powerful government in the world spending billions to stamp out their existence. They have survived thousands of raids terrorizing their communities and breaking apart their families. They have survived the hordes of nativists that have given up on mass deportation and settled instead on attrition warfare, in an attempt to make life so miserable for migrants that they leave on their own.

Roberto Lovato has a good piece on this, too, entitled, "Still They March: Nationwide Rallies Highlight Failure of War on Immigrants". While the "national" group ALIPAC struggles to get more than 30 people to show up, the pro-migrant movement was able to get 30,000 people to show up just in Wisconsin. That's right, 1000 to 1.

Let's not forget to mention that one of those two dozen people at the rally was a law-breaker himself, Chris Simcox.
Rep. John Blust, R-Guilford, says "the people coming into the country should have to follow the law" at the same time that he speaks alongside someone who was arrested for federal weapons charges.

This is just another lesson. Though self-proclaimed "anti-illegal immigration groups" are loud, they are a small and increasingly irrelevent minority. If retirees like Brittanicus are any indication, most of them probably spend more time commenting on immigration articles than anything else. They are William Gheen's 80-year-old "internet fighter pilots", who spend all of their time writing nativist comments online, at the same time that they are sustained by social security and the billions of dollars that migrants pay into it.

Source: Citizen Orange

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