Sunday, June 08, 2008

POLICE: Racist death threats at St. Francis

Police are investigating threats to kill students that were found on a bathroom stall inside St. Francis High School two weeks ago.

The wall was repaired Thursday after racist words against African Americans were scrawled across it.

School officials said the writing included the statement "all (explicit) will die at 2:25 today the time of the last bell of the year."

St. Francis officials said 18 African American students attend their school of 1,800.

"They have to see what it's like to be black in a mostly white community," explained student Dontay Matthew.

A few weeks prior to this incident, another slur was written inside another bathroom that specifically named three students including Anthony Stringer.

"It probably is just some dumb kids. Just because I’m black they have to target me. It's like what did I ever do to you?" Stringer said.

The principal said the handwritings of the two were similar, but officials don’t believe they are from the same suspect.

"I’m still kind of numb right now. I got the message at work and walked in boss's office and said I have to go, I have to leave," said Anthony’s mother Greta Stringer.

St. Francis students have fought back by posting a sign that says ‘No To Hate’ that is covered with signatures of support.

"I don't think that we understood there would be a significance or this degree of a racial issue in our school at this time," said principal Paul Neubauer.

The school is conducting its own investigation and offering a reward for information. Those responsible could face criminal charges.

Source: KAALtv

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