Friday, June 06, 2008

California Assembly Passes DREAM Act

SACRAMENTO – By a 44-26 vote, the California Assembly today approved the California DREAM Act, authored by Assembly Speaker Emeritus Fabian Núñez’s (D-Los Angeles).

“All qualified students in California deserve the opportunity to attend an institution of higher learning, and the California DREAM Act brings us one step closer to that goal,” Speaker Núñez said. “Preserving road blocks that prevent students from achieving their true potential is no way to run a state. In a competitive 21st century global economy, a broadly educated workforce is essential for our state to maintain its advantage in leading technology and professional sectors.”

AB 2083, the California DREAM Act, requires the California State University system and the California Community Colleges and requests the University of California to provide financial aid – including grants, scholarships, work-study offers, and loans – to all qualified students who are exempt from nonresident tuition.

Qualified students guaranteed access to aid must have attended and graduated from a California high school for at least three years. All undocumented students must file an affidavit stating that they will file an application to legalize their immigration status or will file such an application as soon as they are eligible.

The DREAM Act now moves to the California State Senate for consideration.

Source: One Bakersfield

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