Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fight Leaves Two Injured

Dennis Edwards

(WJZ) One man was stabbed with an ice pick. Another was hit by a shovel in a melee ignited by racial slurs and complicated by frustration over crime.

Sky Eye Chopper 13 was over the intersection of Chain O Hills Road and Queen Anne Road after a group of white teenagers attacked six black teenagers. It all started around noon when Clara Montgomery's son was walking by a house a block away.

"My son was going to pick up my niece from school and meet her and the guy started calling him racial words, slurs to him and started throwing beer bottles at him and he ignored him," Montgomery said.

But Eyewitness News learns a group of black teenagers allegedly retaliated by smashing windows in the man's truck and home. Four hours later, six black teenagers apparently abandoned a stolen car near the intersection as a group of white men and teenagers allegedly attack. Montgomery's son was stabbed in the leg and another teenager was hit with a shovel.

"Six to eight white boys had shovels...bats, knives. Both of 'em, intermixed. They both had weapons. Swinging, throwing bats," said Lee Anne Grigsby.

"The guy was swinging a shovel and a rake, trying to hit my son and them. He was taking off his clothes to see where he was stabbed at," Montgomery said.

Anne Arundel County Police declined on-camera interviews. They also aren't talking about suspects in the case, but Eyewitness News has learned two people have been taken into custody and police may be looking for at least two more.

Neighbors tell Eyewitness News racial tensions have escalated with an increase in burglaries and car thefts but what's clear in this violent melee is a problem on both sides of the racial divide.

Neighbors tell Eyewitness News they're hoping police and other authorities will intervene before someone gets seriously hurt.

Source: WJZ

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NewYorkRob said...

This article and radio clip is not a discussion about race. It is a forum to list black grievances. There is not one example of black-on-white or black-on-asian hate crimes. I don't see any videos or discussion about the beatings of whites on public school busses. If you can't discuss ALL the facts why then shut-up.