Saturday, August 04, 2007

Pitt Co. Woman In Shock After Getting Racist Email From Local Business

Woman Wants Answers After Accidentally Being Copied Into A Racist Email About Her Resume

By Seth Browning

On the hunt for a job, and armed with a business degree, Tabitha Ross says she was up for anything, except, for a recent email, (quoting email) “I think she may be black. Was a McDonald’s cashier for 5 years."

The ECU grad says she sat in shock, “I’ve never seen racism or discrimination in my face like that.”, after she was accidentally copied an internal email, from Scott Chamblee's e mail address, “They didn't look at previous work experience. They didn't look at look at my current job. Anything. Just for working at McDonald’s. I must obviously be black."

Ross emailed back. She got a reply from Mr. Chamblee, saying it was a "tragic mistake," and not from him, but from another employee, who was later fired.

Nine on your side went to talk to Mr. Chamblee at Richard Cox CPA. An unidentified employee said Chamblee wasn't there. However he did say the company was taking it seriously. Seth: “Have other people involved in this email been addressed as well?" Employee: “Correct. I mean that's what the stipulation of someone being let go is all about."

But Ross wants more, “I want a name. I want to know what they were thinking." Meantime she says she's bouncing back, but wondering if something other than her resume is standing her way.

Source: WNCT

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