Saturday, August 25, 2007

Woman donates car to family affected by vandalism

Virginia Beach Fire investigators nabbed 26-year-old, Hans Stephen Jaborek for torching a family's car and spray painting racially charged messages on it and a front yard fence last Monday. Acting on a tip, authorities arrested Jaborek this morning in Norfolk.

Vandalism victim Judy Brett says, "We're very happy. Now we can get back to our lives." Jaborek was taken to court by the family in recent weeks and convicted of making annoying phone calls. Brett claims he started calling again two weeks ago harassing the family and they went to court again over it. She wonders if revenge played a part because her daughter's two sons are bi-racial.

"We were so scared until they caught him today. I didn't know if he'd try to come back and try to do something else," says Brett.

Jaborek remains at the Virginia Beach Correctional Center without bond. In the meantime, a viewer who wrote about giving Brett a spare vehicle she had - did. Therese Duvall drove a '98 Jeep Cherokee to Brett's home and handed her the keys. "I wanted to help. I saw the story. It touched me. I felt it was the thing to do."

"From the beginning I said there was more good in the community than bad. I've been overwhelmed with my neighbors and people I don't even know. Thank you," said a tearful Brett.

Source: WAVY

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