Thursday, August 23, 2007

India takes up racist attacks with Germany

India has formally urged the German government to take action against the racist attackers who assaulted eight Indians in Muegein village in the state of Saxony.

Indian Ambassador to Germany Meera Shankar told the German foreign office to “prevent future incidents of the kind”, spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs Navtej Sarna said on Tuesday. Indian embassy officials are getting in touch with the victims, Sarna added.
The German government has strongly condemned the violence and informed the embassy that the German Prosecuting Attorney’s office has begun investigations to ensure the culprits are “called to account”, Sarna said.

The Indians were injured after about 50 Germans chased them across a market square early on Sunday in Muegeln, near Leipzig. Police said onlookers shouted slurs such as “foreigners out” and did not help the Indians.

Seventy police officers were needed to restore order after the incident, during which the Indian men sought shelter in a pizza parlour run by an Indian. But they were beaten up by some of the pursuing Germans who kicked in the doors of the building, police said. Two of the Indians were hospitalized. Four assailants and two police officers were also injured. Two suspects were detained after the attack but later released, the police said.

Source: MagnoySamsara

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