Saturday, July 28, 2007

Boise St. star's wedding draws racist threats (Ian Johnson)

BOISE, Idaho (AP) - The Boise State running back who scored the winning points in the Fiesta Bowl, then proposed to his cheerleader girlfriend on national television, says he has hired security for their wedding because of racial threats.

Ian Johnson, who is black, and Chrissy Popadics, who is white, are due to be married Saturday in Boise.

Since his Jan. 1 proposal, Johnson said, he has received phone calls, letters and some personal threats from people who object to their marriage plans.

"You take it for what it is - the less educated, the less willing to change," Johnson, 21, of San Dimas, Calif., told the Idaho Statesman for its Tuesday editions. "But we're not acting like we're naive to all the stuff that's going on. We know what's been said. We're going to make sure we're safe at all times. It's an amazing day for us, and we'd hate to have it ruined by someone."

"It's really sad because a lot of people that are probably doing it are the same people who were cheering me on," Johnson said.

A Boise State football spokesman, Todd Miles, said Tuesday that Johnson hoped to put the matter behind him and did not want to discuss it further. Popadics' family said she was not available.

Source: FoxSports


Anonymous said...

They are so FUCKin cute togather

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brookeannaroberts said...

I was a white cheerleader in highschool... I had a child with our star football player who is black... and zzzz111 our daughter looks nothing like an orangatang. She is so beautiful. Like many say- the unwilling to change make the world what it is... this is why racism is still around to this day. People have been having interacial ralationships and biracial children since the Conquistadores and French settled on America's soil... this generation is not the first to engage in such things. A person is a person- no matter their color. We all have skin and blood, we all die, and we love another who shows us devotion and love back...