Tuesday, July 24, 2007

BROWN is the new WHITE

Macy's Says 'No Mas' To Racial T-Shirt
Some Call Shirt Offensive

Macy's department store is no longer selling a T-shirt that might offend some members of the Hispanic community.

According to Macy's, one of its goals is to provide an exclusive line of clothing geared toward Latina shoppers looking to express cultural identity through fashion.

However, one such item might have actually offended potential Hispanic customers, so the company pulled it during the weekend.

The T-shirt, which reads "Brown is the New White," is offensive, according to Hispanic marketing expert Dr. Ed Rincon.

"Macy's doesn't know a whole lot about what Hispanics want in the way of clothing. It also says that Macy's doesn't understand Hispanic culture. More importantly, it says that Macy's doesn't understand the Hispanics that lives in the U.S. and the kinds of products they are looking for," Rincon said.

However, Rincon said some Hispanic customers might enjoy and even purchase the shirt.

Macy's apologized for its decision to sell the shirt, releasing this statement:

"We are constantly looking for unique and differentiated merchandise that will resonate with our customers as hip, current and trendy. We also continue to work in developing business relationships with minority vendors to serve the growing diverse customer base. We apologize if customers have found some of the merchandise offensive and have removed the style that they found objectionable."

Source: MyFoxDWF

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