Sunday, July 29, 2007

Stormfront Members show up to Minuteman Project city council meeting

By codesilas

Footage from a city council meeting in Lake Forest, CA on November 15, 2005. This was during Jim Gilchrist's(Minuteman Project founder) campaign for Congress. Show is some quick clips to show that Gilchrist and some of his followers, including Debbie Sattler, "Border Raven," and Robin Hvidston," where there. Then appears two members from Stormfront, generally referred to as Neo Nazis. These two were also seen and photographed with skinheads with Nazi swastika flags in Laguna Beach and affiliated people promoting National Vanguard at a protest against immigration at a Home Depot location.

Interesting to note is that the couple were involved in the Gilchrist campaign at some capacity. This was found out by me, Debbie, Robin, and some others. It was confirmed by people at the Gilchrist campaign offices. Some people, such as "Border Raven," have acknowledged this fact while others lie and deny it. All information available show that it was Eldon, half brother of Mary Parker Lewis, who let them and two other Nazi-types into the offices, as confirmed by Deborah-Courtney who was a Gilchrist supporter at the time.

Steve Eichler thanked me for my efforts in informing them on who the couple were, assuming they really wanted to keep those types out and were honest about not wanting to be affiliated with racists. Mary Parker Lewis is the one who kicked me out of the campaign. I went back and asked Eldon questions, he refused to answer and threatened to call the police.

This was a quick assortment of the footage. After the footage is shown some photographs of the couple with the Nazis/skinheads. I may make a better video of this.

Source: YouTube

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Cliff said...

I was the one who held the camcorder when this happened. Some people have a misconception about me thinking I "switched sides" because of this incident. Actually, some time before this incident I decided I no longer wanted to protest against immigrant day labor workers. In fact I felt it was wrong. I even have the email discussions dated before the incident on this video. I decided to stay with the campaign as a matter of commitment until the final election, them move on to other things. Then this incident happened.