Saturday, July 28, 2007

White supremacist cards surface in Yonkers


(Original publication: July 27, 2007)

YONKERS - City resident Martin Frankel, 72, said he was disturbed by a white supremacist card he found on his lawn.

"It makes me feel pretty rotten that there are some of these white supremacists floating around in Yonkers," said Frankel, who found the card Wednesday afternoon and contacted The Journal News. "It is extremely anti-Semitic, anti-black and very very much pro-, well not pro-Nazism, but white supremacist."

The card mentions Vanguard News Network, a Web site that advocates white supremacy. On the back of the card are swastikas. Vanguard could not be contacted yesterday for comment.

Police say multiple cards have surfaced around Odell Avenue and Colonial Parkway and that the Special Intelligence Unit was investigating. They also said the cards seemed to be randomly placed and that no particular group had been targeted. If a specific group were targeted, the cards would qualify as harassment, Sgt. Edward Geiss said. Otherwise, they might fall under freedom of speech.

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Source: TheJournalNews

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